Channel Inflow Cover BL/KSP-RS

Article Index: 143, 144 and 153, 154

Preferred and suitable for curbside inflows

  • Light design

  • square/rectangular, right-angle form

  • tension system, spring force

Article Index:
143 (NS), 153 (ES)
144 (NS), 154 (ES)
approx. 625 x 340 x 80 x 350 x 3 mm
approx. 625 x 565 x 80 x 350 x 3 mm
approx. 10,0 kg
approx. 13,5 kg

Suitable for crack-free surfaces with up to 20 mm of floor/ground unevenness on concrete and asphalt, e.g. curbside inflows, grooves, square/rectangular standard inflows according to DIN, etc.

The barrier body is designed as a strong 3 mm, right-angled metal plate upon which a pipe is perpendicularly welded for the guiding of a clamping pressure lever. Gripping braces increase the strength and serve for the optimal distribution of pressure. The pressure/tension lever running through the vertical pipe is capable of being folded over on the top side and is provided with a tip on the lower end which engages on the gutter grate. By means of spring tension, a special seal applied around the bottom side of the plate is compressed and adapted to the unevenness of the floor/ground surface. A safe, tight seal is thus guaranteed.

At the location where the cover will be used, storage is possible on wall hooks or stands by means of the attached eyelets.

The barrier body is made of normal steel, primed, painted or powder coated, generally with a red finish ("traffic red" RAL 3020).

Upon request, the cover can be galvanized or provided in a superior-alloy steel design.