Fully automatic Spill and Containment Barrier BL/BED-PM

The automatic Spill Barrier BL/BED-PM is suitable for crack-free

surfaces with up to 10 mm (± 5 mm) of floor/ground uneven-

ness, e.g. concrete, corrugated sheet metal, tiles, stones, etc.

The Containment Barrier features a trapezoidal, integral hollow

aluminium profiled body. A compressible, highly adaptable,

chemical resistant and fire retardant seal is affixed to the lower

side and end faces. The rotating mount and tensioning device

are securely mounted next to the opening to be secured and


  • Horizontal swiveling capability
  • Pneumatically controlled - fully automatic
  • Tie-in to Fire Control 
  • Tie-in to sprinkler flow
  • Easy monthly or quarterly testing
  • TUV Approved and tested
  • Zero leakage


Standard height:

100–1000 mm

Standard length:

up to 6000 mm

Special situations:

upon request


50 mm

Flectra text and image block
Flectra - Sample 1 for three columns


The barrier closes slowly and securely within 30-60 seconds. The closing speed can be adjusted. 

Flectra - Sample 2 for three columns


With our special chemical and fire retardant seal, containment is ensured. 

Flectra - Sample 3 for three columns

Locked in place

The spill barrier is securely locked in place with a clamp. 

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