Drain Cover BL/KMS-SL-900-NS
Very-Heavy design
Square form
Mobile system
Standard weight approx 60kg
Standard weight approx 90kg
Standard dimension 900 x 900 x 10mm
Standard dimension 1100 x 1100 x 10mm
925.00 925.0 USD
Drain Cover BL/KMS-625
Heavy design
Square form
Mobile system
Standard weight approx 32.5kg
Standard dimension 625 x 625 x 10mm
485.00 485.0 USD
Gas Charged Tension Spring
Gas Charged Tension Spring
With Bolt and Washers
265.00 265.0 USD
BL/ DEP - 52x25 - RG95
Length: 1 roll, 10 lfm
Width: 52mm (+-1mm)
Thickness: 25mm (+-1mm)
Tolerances: DIN7715 P2
Colour: Schwarz
Saturation: none
Cell structure: closed

Ozone, weather and resistant to ageing
Acid resistance: very good
Alkali resistance: very good
Fuel and oil resistance: average
Solvent resistance: good
75.00 75.0 USD
Retention Barrier - Spill Barrier BL/BED
Stationary System
Manual Barrier System
UVV Weight compensated
Fire Retardant DIN 4102-B1
Upgradeable to a BL/BED-PM2
GSB-H Flood Protection
Aluminum Profiles 250/50
Manuel stackable
Easy slide in
Aluminum Posts
Retention heights: 250/500/750/1000/1250/1500
Spill Barrier - Containment Barrier BL/EX
Type EX BL713
Trapezoidal form - slide insert
Mobile system
Manual operation
Chemical resistant
Fire retardant DIN 4102-B1
Spill Barrier BL/BED-PM2
Type pm2
Stationary system
Fully automatic operation
Pneumatically driven
Pneumatically controlled
Triggered by 24V DC
Standard pneumatic control box
Full push button operation
Acoustic warning signal
Weight compensated
Chemical resistant

1.00 1.0 USD